Our Impact

In today’s complex world, there’s no one way or right way to tackle the challenges we face. Instead, it takes all of us working collectively, in all kinds of different ways, to get the job done. Through research and planning, community engagement, investments in programs and initiatives, public policy advocacy and public awareness activities, we are creating real and measurable changes in health, education, and financial stability.​

Why health, education, and financial stability? Because when everyone can meet their basic needs, our communities and our neighbors have the opportunity to thrive.​

Health  ​

We connect families to quality health services to ensure that every member of our community can stay healthy and strong.  


  • Children, adults, and families are physically, emotionally, and mentally healthy
  • Individuals improve/maintain their ability to live independently ​
  • Individuals improve their health by reducing unhealthy, risky behaviors
  • Everyone has access to health and human services​

We fund programs that support quality health care, access to nutritious foods, mental health services, emergency shelter and more.

Education  ​​

A strong community begins early with a focus on education. From cradle to career, we ensure every child gets a strong start in life, teenagers have the tools to learn and grow, and young adults can turn into productive citizens.


  • Children enter school prepared and ready to succeed ​​
  • Students improve/maintain performance and achieve academic success ​​
  • Students graduate high school prepared for post-secondary education or career readiness​​
  • We fund programs that support school readiness, mentoring, mental health treatment for students, after-school programs and more

Financial Stability  ​​

To succeed long-term, our community’s residents must be financially secure. United Way GCR believes in breaking the cycle of poverty by helping families and individuals find their path to financial stability.


  • ALICE households move towards financial independence ​​
  • Individuals develop skills to increase financial stability ​​
  • Individuals and families meet their basic needs and improve self-sufficiency

We fund programs that support emergency assistance, child care support, housing stabilization and more.