Focused Investments

United Way of the Greater Capital Region (UWGCR) aims to enhance community well-being at a generational scale. The 2021 Respond & Recover Impact Agenda prioritizes cross-sectoral, collaborative community efforts, including partnerships that leverage research and community wisdom to create informed and innovative approaches with measurable outcomes. 

UWGCR’s Focused Investments, previously known as Funded Agencies, are direct investments in community organizations whose programs address at least one of the priorities determined in UWGCR’s four focus areas: Early Childhood Success, Youth Success, Health and Well-being and/or Financial Security.   

The Respond & Recover Impact Agenda is being rolled out in two phases: 

2021- Phase 1

Respond. Recover.

Respond and Recover

One-year grant awards that prioritized funding for organizations and programming that are addressing urgent needs or challenging systemic inequities of those most disproportionately impacted by COVID-19. 

2022- Phase 2

Reimagine. Rebuild.

Reimagine and Rebuild

This phase will ground the updated impact agenda in community consultation to best understand current needs and aspirations. In this phase, the impact agenda will be updated in light of the current philanthropic landscape to ensure we can best support community partners in our shared mission of building sustainable, just, and healthy communities. 

Investment Review Committee 

We made a concerted effort to develop review committees that are reflective of our various communities in the Capital Region, comprised of diverse community leaders with thematic and lived expertise, and a demonstrated commitment to advancing community wellbeing.

Thank you to the outstanding volunteers who served on the Focused Investment review committee: 

Anzala Alozie
Brian Barr
Molly Bemont
Marcia Cognetta
Charles Day
Jennie Duran
Heather Ingram
Brandi Landy
Keshana Owens Cody
Michael Poindexter
Marcus Pryor
Megan Quillinan
Ali Shaeffing
Sam Trimboli
Romel Wilson

Who We’re Funding