Promoting physical, social & emotional HEALTH for all ages

Whether it's a senior struggling to remain in her home, a family coping with a child with mental health issues or an individual with addictions who can't break a cycle of self-destructive behavior, United Way is committed to help people gain and maintain physical, social and emotional health. 

Independent Living Focus Area

17% of people age 65 or older in the Capital Region are considered low income and face increased risk for challenges to their physical, mental and self-care abilities. That's why United Way works to make sure people with disabilities and seniors have their physical and social needs met in order to live independently.

Mental Health Focus Area

One in four adults and one in five children suffer from diagnosable mental disorders. Untreated, they increase the risk of individuals engaging in unhealthy and unsafe behaviors including substance abuse and violent or self-destructive behavior. United Way is committed to making sure people have social and emotional support for achieving mental wellbeing.


Your contribution today will help more Capital Region residents gain and maintain good health.


If you or someone you know is in need of assistance, United Way's Call 2-1-1 helpline provides health & human service refferals 24 hours a day/7 days a week in over 200 languages.