Donors and Donor Networks

Giving back is a great way to get involved and help us build the type of community we want to live in. Our variety of networks offer a space for everyone to UNITE in a way that fits their lifestyle, from college students to young professionals, retirees, and everyone in between.​

Ready to Make an Impact?​

Join a Donor Network today to become part of this circle of giving! United Way GCR is dedicated to making giving as easy as possible. ​

You have many options for making your investment - you may take advantage of payroll deduction and give through your workplace campaign, make a one time or recurring credit card donation or make a contribution by check.

United Way of the Greater Capital Region’s Emerging Leaders is a diverse group of engaged young professionals working to drive impact in the Capital Region. Emerging Leaders leverage the power of United Way to show the strength and collective impact of the next generation of philanthropists.

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Women United is a group of energetic, passionate and philanthropic women empowered by United Way of the GCR to make a true impact in our community. These women mobilize change by investing in, advocating for, and creating programs that positively impact women and children.

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The United Way Tocqueville Society is a committed group of individuals and families who contribute $10,000 or more annually to United Way of the Greater Capital Region. This generous group inspires others to lead with a philanthropic mindset and makes a measurable and sustainable impact to help the Greater Capital Region thrive. 

Named after French political philosopher Alexis de Tocqueville, Tocqueville Society members embody one of the elements of society he admired most: the spirit of neighbor helping neighbor. As key stakeholders in the mission of United Way of the Greater Capital Region, the dedication of Tocqueville Society members drives lasting change and equal opportunities for all people.   

Membership Benefits: 

In addition to providing valuable insight to create meaningful solutions to our region’s most pressing problems, Tocqueville Society members enjoy: 

  • Deep engagement with the work of UWGCR, experiencing firsthand the impact of one’s gift; 

  • Networking opportunities with the Capital Region’s philanthropic, business and community leaders; 

  • Invitations and priority access to United Way of the Greater Capital Region events, including those exclusive to Tocqueville Society;  

  • Recognition of your support in UWGCR publications; 

For more information on the Tocqueville Society, contact Nicki Brown

Tocqueville Society Members 

Wallace and Jane Altes

Bob Belber

Robert M. Curley*

Robert and Susanne Doyle

Alan P. Goldberg

Neil and Jane* Golub

Dr. Shirley Ann Jackson and Dr. Morris A. Washington

Kevyn Aucoin Memorial Trust

Andy Marsh

Morris and Esther Massry*

Norman and Micki Massry

John J. Nigro

Brian and Beth O’Grady

Rick & Diana Ostroff

Percy Waller Foundation

Stewart’s/Dake Family

*in memorium of 

United Way of the Greater Capital Region’s Leadership Society is a cohort of our region’s most dedicated philanthropic trailblazers who give $1,000 or more annually and are a driving force for positive lasting change in the Capital Region. Leadership donors are individuals and families who are passionate about changing lives, committed to creating action and dedicated to bringing together expertise and resources that get results. They take on the biggest challenges of our region and recognize that it takes a commitment of resources to provide our neighbors the help they need to improve their overall well-being.  

The over 300 individuals and families who are currently part of United Way of the Greater Capital Region’s Leadership and Tocqueville Societies have invested over $2 million in our community in the last five years alone, demonstrating the measurable impact of neighbors helping neighbors.

Thank you to our Leadership Givers for their generous support and commitment to our community

View our Leadership Givers

Bryan Abihider

Yanelis Acosta Minaya

Stephen A. Adams

Donald D. Adams

Mark Agres

Alan D. Alexander

Christopher R. Almy

Andrew Anisfeld

John Ashcroft

Richard J. Asner

Eugene M. Audi

Karla Austen

Scott W. Averill

Brian and Michele Aviles

Michael Ayers

Dyllan Badi

Douglas Baker

Rick L. Balboni

Thomas Gregory Bandy

Judith E. Barlow

Carmino N. Basile

Michael S. Bassett

Ira Baumgarten

Jacqualyn Bedrosian

Thomas Michael Begley

Walter and Wendy Berninger

Charles J. Bianco

W. George Biggar

Edward Bishop

William Bishop

Edward G. Bitner

Peter Bjelica

Charles Bohl

Mark Bourne

Mary Lynn Bradley

Curtis M. Breneman

Christopher Breslin

Scott E. Britton

Jennifer-Marie Jillson Brock

Michael Brodsky

Amy T. Broz

Joseph Burek

Christopher J. Burke

William S. Burnett, MD

Brittany Burnham

Steven Byington

Kathleen M. Cahalan

Nicole G. Cain

Christy A. Calicchia

Layana Campbell

George Candelet

Geoffrey James Cannon

Andrew M. Carey

Charles F. Carletta, Esq.

Brent Caron

Yahya Carr

Ryan and Jeanne Case

Douglas Chapman

Katharine Chapman

Joe H. Chow

Richard Christman

David E. Ciancio

Carol L. Cillis

Thomas A. Civill

Stephen M. Cleary, Esq.

Joseph and Sharon E. Coffey

Samuel Colborn

Adam Collier

David M. Considine

Craig and Molly Cook

Sharon A. Cooper

Fernando Corral

Bartley J. Costello, Esq.

Alexander A. Courtney, Jr.

James K. Coward

Laurie M. Cronin

Kevin Curran

Mark E. Dailey

David E. Dailey

Paul J. Daley

Stephen and Deborah D’Amico

Kathryn Dannemann

Richard Davidson Jr.

Anne M. Davis

David E. Delong

David S. DeMarco

Christopher Derkovitz

Anjali Deshmukh

Michael A. DeSocio

Michael J. Deuell

Terri M. Devizzio

Richard J. Dewey

James Diefendorf

James T. Dillon

Matthew and Katharine Doran

Evan J. Douglis

Dale Dowd

Matthew Downs

Anthony G. Duffy

Timothy Dumas

Mark Duncan

Stanley M. Dunn

Stephen Dupont

Mark N. Eagan

George A. Earle, III

Graig and Giovanna Eastin

Ivy M. Eckler

Chanaka Edirisinghe

Hugh Eisele

John R. Ellis, M.S. E.D.

Matthew J. Elmer

David L. Ernst

Jorge Escobar

Kirsten Estabrooks

David Fel Evans

Janis Fang

Evangelos Fanos

Phylis A. Federici

Teresa Ferguson

Brenda L. Fish

Peter J. Fish

Darren Fitch

Terrence Flannery

Shelley C. Florence

Patrick Forgea

Christopher Fox

Rebecca M. Frey

Eugenia Fuino

Christopher Gabriels

Katherine J. Gaffney

Peter and Lauren Gannon

Shekhar Garde

Robert Gardiner

Molly Garrett

Raymond L. George

Benjamin Gleeksman

Steven Goodspeed

Sharon Gosden

Richard J. Graham

Elijah Graham

James F. Grant

Lari L. Greenleaf

Worth A. Gretter

David Guinn

Michael J. Guzzo

Prabhat Hajela

Sarah A. Halliday

Tracy L. Hamel

Kristofor Hanchett

Allen W. Hargrave

Adam G. Heath

Eric and Karen Heathwaite

James and Lisa Heckman

Richard and Judith Heller

Brian Hendricks

Gary P. Hickey

John and Patricia Hinkle

Mark Hoffmann

Jeffrey Hoole and Nancy O’Donnell

Barbara Hough

Amy Hughey

Robert Hull

Hume Charitable Fund

Richie C. Hunter

Richard A. Ikasalo

Christopher J. Jewett

Melanie Johnson

Martin and Laura Johnson

Robert C. Juras

Ashwani Kumar Kapila

John P. Kearney

Edward A. Keefe

Robert H. Keefer

Deborah Kelley

Michael and Darlene Kelly

Todd M. Kerner, Esq.

Gene and Susanne Kimura

James F. Klahr, Jr.

Adam Klingbeil

Garth Kmieczak

John and Mary Kolb

Frank Koncewicz

Peter Konwerski

David Krupski

Steve Kunze

Eric P. LaCoppola

Tim Lahart

Diana LaJeunesse

Kevin Lanahan

Craig Lang

Anthony W. LaRosa

Susan LeBourdais

Edward J. Lehane

Jaroslaw R. Leszczynsky

Chris W. Letchford

Yachi Lin

Zachary Liney

Robert R. Little

Sheryl Littmann

Craig Lobo

William D. Louden

Phillip P. Macica

Quincy K. Mack

Carol Mackey

Craig Mahoney

Jim Malatras

Janine Mangione

Chuck and Barbara Manning

John Markowich

Andrew J. Marsh

Paul W. Martin

Jeffrey and Francine Marzinsky

Richard and Vanessa Mason

William J. Mate

Pat Mattry

Jeanne P. Mau

Vicki A. Mazzie

Lisa A. McCabe

Lee August McElroy

Kenneth P. McGivney

Donna D. McIntosh

Mark J. McMahon

Kathryn M. McNamara

Elizabeth A. Meyer

Matthew W. Mickle

Paul B. Middleton

Thomas R. Miller

Jeffrey G. Miner

John J. Minno

Gary and Marilyn Mittleman

Michael Modan

Bryan E. Moldt

Keith Moo-Young

Mario Moricone

Christopher Morreale

Kevin Morris

Milton Morris

Deondre Morris

Philip K. Mueller

Jeffrey Mullen

Mr. and Mrs. Jim Mulligan

John F. Murray, Jr.

Mary-Ann Muth

Jason Naef

Annette Nanes

Nicholas Nelson

Emilie Nelson Chrapowitzky

Jon Neroni

Phillip A. Neville

Rosemary Newton

Janet Nguyen

Thinh Trung Nguyen

Dieu-Hoa T. Nguyen

Patrick O’Keeffe

Michael J. O’Rourke

Richard L. Peckham, AIA

James Peterson

Paul J. Phelan

Robert A. Pike

Michael J. Pishkula

Theresa Poitras

Michael Polmatier

Laura J. Poltynski

Francis J. Pomakoy, Jr.

Curtis and Renee Powell

Scott J. Powhida

Robert and Amy F. Pressly

Amy J. Pressly

Erick Rafferty

Brian J. Rancourt

Jude H. Reardon

Joseph P. Reardon

Cheryl Reeves

JT Reynolds

Jack Riley

John and Elaine Rinaldo

Ronald F. Roberts, Jr.

Eric Rondone

Kyle Rottger

Claude and Jean Rounds

Mary L. Rozak

Joseph Ruggiero

Sharon G. Salvi

Stephen L. Samuell

Ilya Sandler

Bradly L. Sargent

Daniel Sauer

Ellen Sax

Peter G. Scavullo

Amber Schiller

Frank and Wilma Schmeler

Keith Schmid

David Schmitz

Kerri E. Schulte

John C. Senkewich

Marbeth L. Serencsics

Christina M Serynek

Nancy B. Sever, Esq.

Andrew Philip Shapiro

Christopher Shattuck

Sanjay Shrestha

John Sica

Brett W. Siebert

Richard and Pam Siegel

Martin Silverman

Mary H. Simoni

William J. Sims

Darla Skiermont

Dr. and Mrs. Richard N. Smith

Lester J. Snyder

Matthew T. Snyder

Jay Spoor

Raymond W. Stalter Jr.

John Matthew Staugaitis

Eric P. Stevenson

Judith Strauss

Richard and Diana Straut

Michael Susco

Joseph Sutton

Chudney Sykes

Anthony Sylvester, Jr.

Boleslaw K. Szymanski

Leo Taylor

Cory Taylor

Melissa Terc

Eugene A. Terwilliger

Frank Thiel

Raahsan Thomas

William H. Tobin

Anders M. Tomson

Peter and Susan Toth

Patrick T. Underhill

Thomas L Van Etten

Daniel Vandeputte

David VanHoesen

Patrick Lamar Venable

Laurie L. Vianna

James Vielkind-Neun

John Vogel

Nancy Vranich

Diana Wall

Matthew Walters

Robert J. Ward

Christopher D. Weaver

Alan N. Wechsler

Robert E. Welch

Thomas Werner III

Jonathan David Wexler

Lara B. Whelan

Roger S. Wigent

Holly Wiles-Pemburn

Alexander Paul Wilke

Gregory R. Williams

Robert A. Williams

Melissa A. Wolf

Austin A. Woodward

Mark A. Woodward

Chiquita Wynder Phillips

Gary B. Zeigler, II

Matthew Zeilberger

Willow Zielenski