Danny Dollar Academy

Girls Inc group photo with DDA book

Danny Dollar Academy (DDA) was co-created by children’s author and motivational speaker Ty Allan Jackson based on his inability to find any children’s books geared toward the subjects of economics, money, and entrepreneurship. Jackson, a prolific children’s author based in nearby Pittsfield, MA, also writes books with Black protagonists based on his experiences with the lack of characters that looked like him represented in children’s literature. The DDA program is based on Jackson's best-selling children’s book Danny Dollar Millionaire Extraordinaire: Lemonade Escapade.

As part of the deployment of Danny Dollar Academy, UWGCR sought proven partners who have had demonstrated success using research-based programming to get positive results for Capital Region children. I January 2022, UWGCR launched Danny Dollar Academy in conjunction with partners at 4th Family and Girls Inc. of the Greater Capital Region.

Danny Dollar Academy (DDA) is a financial literacy program that was developed in 2016 by the Northern Kentucky Center for Economic Education (NKU CEE) in partnership with Ty Allan Jackson. The DDA program was designed to promote financial literacy and entrepreneurship through the children’s book Danny Dollar Millionaire Extraordinaire: The Lemonade Escapade. Ty wrote Danny Dollar to increase reading and financial literacy for underprivileged students in grades 3, 4, and 5. In 2018, the Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland became a program partner, assisting with curriculum design and development, and piloting DDA with 300 4th and 5th-grade students in Ohio. The program has reached thousands of students in grades 3-6 across 5 states, including Kentucky, Ohio, New York, North Carolina, and Massachusetts.

As part of the program, educators attend a professional development workshop, complete pre-and-post teacher and student assessments, participate in classroom visits, and complete a student-led project that utilizes the financial literacy and entrepreneurship concepts learned throughout the program. As part of the two-hour professional development workshop, educators receive training on implementing the DDA program in their classroom, the program curriculum which includes a teacher guide, and classroom sets of activity materials, and additional resources.

Kids holding DDA books

Ty Speaking to class

Two kids reading DDA book

With your support, we can bring Danny Dollar Academy programming to even more local students across the Greater Capital Region.