CDTA Raises $152K for UWGCR

Hand Raisers, Game Changers, Problem Solvers. That's what it takes to LIVE UNITED.

Thank you to the CDTA team for your efforts in raising more than $152K towards the 2019-20 United Way Workplace Campaign. With your help United Way can enhance our mission; fighting for the health, education and financial stability of every person in our community.

"The real power of our organization is a lot of people coming together doing what we can. When you aggregate all that, it adds up to a serious impact." - Peter Gannon, UWGCR

Through the campaign season, CDTA's Campaign Champions, Stephanie & Justin worked diligently to spread the United Way message encouraging their teammates to contribute and make an impact for the children, families and individuals in their community. In result, it was worth their hard work. CDTA wrapped up their campaign with the highest per capita giving number of all our United Way GCR workplaces. 

Also honored were the 5 CDTA employees who have earned the distinction as a United Way Leadership Giver (contributing at least $750 annually): ​Carm Basile, Stephen Dupont, Tim LaHart, Craig Lobo, and Chiquita Wynder.