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United Way of the Greater Capital Region Staff

Shane Albertin, Director of Information Technology, Ext. 123

Laura Alpert, Senior Vice President of Resource Development, Ext. 122

Lisa Audi, Senior Vice President Marketing and Communications, Ext. 115

Liz Cifarelli, Office and Human Resources Administrator, Ext. 117

Guy Cooper, Resource Development Manager, Ext. 124

Laurelee Dever, Statewide SEFA Director, 518-782-7332

Abbie Farrar, Accounting Manager, Ext. 138

Brian T. Hassett, President and Chief Executive Officer, Ext. 111

Michaelle Mugisha, Community Program Manager, Ext. 128

Jim Mulligan, Vice President of Donor Relations, Ext. 112

Tracy Randle, Program Director, CA$H Coalition, Ext. 131

David Scott, Controller                                                                                                                                                                                                      , Ext. 139

Melissa Stephens, Director of Resource Development, Ext. 145

Michael Taglione, Capital Region SEFA Administrator, Ext. 113

Rushka Tcholakova, Senior Vice President of Community Impact, Ext. 130

Erica Warner, Resource Development Manager, Ext. 136

Kelly Willsey, Accounting Assistant                                                                                                                                                                                 , Ext. 127