Tax Checklist

What to bring to your VITA Tax Appointment

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You must bring the following items to have your tax return prepared

  • Social Security cards for yourself, your spouse (if filing jointly), and all your dependents.
    • These help prove ID and prevent ID theft. We cannot prepare your tax return without all required social security cards present.
    • Copies or pictures of the cards are acceptable.
  • Photo I.D. for you and your spouse (if filing jointly)

Optional items that may help with the tax return preparation

  • Routing number and account number for your bank account.
  • Last year’s Federal and New York State tax returns, assuming you filed returns last year.
  • If you were the victim of ID theft and notified the IRS, you will need your Identity Protection Personal Identification Number (IP PIN). A new IP PIN is issued each year. You should receive IRS letter CP01A showing your new IP PIN in December/January. If you are due a new IP PIN but don't receive one by the end of January, visit or call the IRS at 800-908-4490 to retrieve it.

Income Forms

If you received any of the following income, please bring in the applicable tax form.

  • WAGES: Form W-2 from each employer.
  • UNEMPLOYMENT: Form 1099-G. If you don't have it by the time of your appointment, visit to retrieve it online.
  • SOCIAL SECURITY BENEFITS: Form SSA-1099 (has a pink box at the top right).
  • INTEREST: Form 1099-INT. This may be included in your brokerage statement, if applicable. 
  • DIVIDENDS: Form 1099-DIV. This may be included in your brokerage statement, if applicable.
  • SALE OF STOCK: Form 1099-B. This may be included in your brokerage statement, if applicable.
  • PENSION DISTRIBUTIONS: Form 1099-R for each pension.
  • SELF-EMPLOYMENT INCOME: Any Forms 1099K, NEC, and/or MISC. If you’re a ride-share driver, check your online employee account for these forms.
  • GAMBLING WINNINGS: Form W-2G for each gambling activity. 

Please also bring any other tax forms showing income you received not listed above.

Expense Forms

If you paid any of the following expenses, please bring in the applicable form; you may be able to reduce your taxes.

  • Home Mortgage Interest: Form 1098. 
  • College Tuition: Forms 1098-T. If you don’t have this form by the time of your appointment, you can obtain it from the student’s online college account.
  • Student Loan Interest: Form 1098-E.
  • Private Health Insurance from NY Online Marketplace: Form 1095A. If you have Fidelis Medicaid or Medicare, you don’t need this form.
  • Medical/Dental Bills: A list of unreimbursed medical/dental expenses. Please tally these expenses before your appointment. Unless these bills total several thousand dollars, they will likely not impact your return.
  • Property/School Taxes: Tax bills/escrow statements. 
  • Charitable Contributions: Summary of cash and non-cash contributions to charity. Unless these contributions total several thousand dollars, they will likely not impact your return.
  • Child Care Expenses: Childcare provider information (name, employer ID, or Social Security number) along with amounts paid. 
  • Self-Employment Expenses: Business expenses such as miles driven, supply costs, etc. If you are a ride-share driver, you can obtain most of this info from your online employee account. Please tally these expenses if they are not already tallied.

If you are unsure whether you have all tax documents ready, email us at for help.