Stories of Success

Stories of Success

Helping people meet their BASIC NEEDS

Kevin's story

"Growing up, my life was turbulent and I found myself with a series of bad decisions which led to homelessness and drug abuse. I just sort of did what I wanted and I got into a lot of trouble along the way ... when I found out I was going to be father, I knew I needed to do something."
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Jayden's Story

Imagine how frightening it would be for a preschool child to be uprooted from familiar surroundings as his family faced eviction and the prospect of immanent homelessness. That's the situation Jayden and his family found themselves in.

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Helping children gain a solid EDUCATION as the foundation for success

Felicia's story

Felicia experienced a difficult childhood of physical and sexual abuse, as well as alcohol abuse. When she found out she was pregnant, Felicia decided to take steps to create a better life for her daughter.

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   Karen's story

     Karen is a full time college student, military wife and the mother of two children. She was in the need of not
     only child care but more specifically an integrated program for her son with special needs.

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Kasey's story

Kasey's excitement for reading was sparked by an encounter with children's book author Ty Allan Jackson at an event in his classroom co-sponsored by United Way of the Greater Region. Kasey came home with a free copy of Jackson's book "When I Close My Eyes."

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Helping people gain a stable INCOME to become financially secure

Jerri's story

Jerri has a learning disability and works part-time at a local fast food chain. She is a single mom who has a 30-year-old son with a disability who lives with her. Jerri started coming to a VITA site eight years ago to have her taxes prepared at no cost.

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Autumn's Story

Autumn is a single mom in need to help her family service. Once she was able to get back on her feet, she becomes an advocate for our community.

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Helping people obtain HEALTH services

  Michelle's Story

    Michelle was an avid United Way donor, who woked hard to support her son Travis. After she fell ill,   Michelle become a United Way program recipient.

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