United Way of the Greater Capital Region Staff


Shane Albertin, Vice President of IT and Facilities, Phone: 518-640-2423

Lisa Audi, Senior Vice President of Marketing and Communications, Phone: 518-640-2415

Liz Cifarelli, Office and Human Resources Administrator, Phone: 518-640-2417

Roslyn Cardish, Director of Strategic Engagement & Partnerships, Phone: 518-640-2378

Guy Cooper, Resource Development Manager, Phone: 518-640-2414

Jessica Cuoccio, Community Impact Apprentice, Phone: 518-640-2365

Courtney DeKorp, Office Assistant, Phone: 518-456-2360

Laurelee Dever, Statewide SEFA Director, Phone: 518-640-2369

Peter Gannon, President and Chief Executive Officer, Phone: 518-456-2200

Michaelle Mugisha,Community Impact Manager, Phone: 518-640-2368

Jim Mulligan,Vice President of Donor Relations, Phone: 518-640-2412

Alicia Otis, Accounting Assistant, Phone: 518-640-2416

Sarah Picciotto, SEFA Coordinator, Capital Region, Phone: 518-640-2422

Tracy Randle, Program Director, CA$H Coalition, Phone: 518-640-2371

Amber Schiller, Chief Financial Officer, Phone: 518-640-2379

Sarah Sheehan, Communications Associate, Phone: 518-640-2364

Rushka Tcholakova, Senior Vice President of Community Impact, Phone: 518-640-2370

Erica Warner, Resource Development Manager, Phone: 518-640-2376

Kelly Willsey, Finance Manager, Phone: 518-640-2357