SEFA is the solicitation of State employees in their workplaces on behalf of approved charitable organizations. SEFA is a donor designated campaign. Through SEFA, State employees can support charities of their choice through a single pledge, easily paid through a payroll deduction. SEFA is among the most inclusive workplace giving campaigns. The charities supported are all tax-exempt and range from small, local community groups to large well known national and international charities. In 2017, SEFA raised just over $1.3 million in the Capital Region in support of hundreds of local, national and international charities.


SEFA is made up of 23 local campaigns that organize and conduct the annual fund raising effort in State workplaces throughout the New York State. Each local campaign is managed by volunteers who serve on a local SEFA Committee. The Committee is comprised of State employees and representatives of labor unions and is responsible for the oversight of the local SEFA region. Within each SEFA region, a Federated Community Campaign serves as the fiscal and administrative agent.  Here in the Capital Region, that is the responsibility of the United Way of the Greater Capital Region.  


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