"This is not a shelter, this is a house of love"

-Renee, resident, Shelters of Saratoga

Renee struggled with addiction. “I turned to what I’ve always turned to which is alcohol. I drank myself into a state. So dark and lonely. Fear is gone. Hope is gone.  Just dark and broken. A darkness I don’t want to know again,” she shared.

She found help at Shelters of Saratoga, an agency the United Way has funded during an emergency relief situation. With guidance and determination, Renee lives at one of SOS's low income apartments while working at Saratoga Hospital. She has received promotions at work in the environmental science department. At night and on weekends, she is taking online classes to secure a future job in medical billing.

We love bringing individuals to the organization that come part of the culture, strengthening the culture.  Renee is a solid example of someone who is now a member of our staff.  Period.  And contributes and helps make us the organization we want to continue to be,” stated Saratoga Hospital's President and CEO Angelo Calbone.

Renee, if I can sum it up on one word – awesome.  The perfect individual of someone who came here and was looking for a change,” said SOS Executive Director Mike Finocchi.


United Way Platform:  Basic Needs

Focus Area:  Emergency Response Fund

Funded Agency:  Shelters of Saratoga


"I know this facility wouldn’t be here without that funding. It's imperative, it’s life changing.  My children have their mom back.  How do you put a price tag on that?"




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