Helping people earn sufficient INCOME to become financially secure

Beneath the surface of our region's prosperity are pockets of deep need. The results are far reaching and particularly devastating for children. Poverty's impact extends beyond individuals to affect the entire community — in lower educational achievement, poor health, dependence on social services and economic stagnation. The working poor, in particular, can find themselves above the income threshold for many assistance programs which makes it difficult to rise above the challenge of living from paycheck to paycheck. 

Strategic Initiatives

United Way leads strategic initiatives that bring partners together to tackle some of the most stubborn and complex social issues affecting individuals and communities in the Greater Capital Region. These are issues that have multiple causes and defy quick-fix solutions. United Way looks at the big picture and the whole person. With our donors, volunteers and likeminded organizations, United Way coordinates efforts around clearly defined goals. The result is lasting change that improves lives and community conditions today and for generations. Our initiative in the area of INCOME and FINANCIAL STABILITY is:

CA$H Coalition of the Greater Capital Region

United Way convenes and supports the CA$H Coalition of the Capital Region. CA$H helps working families keep more of their paycheck and move toward financial security primarily through the annual Volunteer Income Tax Assistance (VITA) program at dozens of sites across the Capital Region. IRS-certified volunteers provide free tax preparation to filers who meet annual income guidelines. These tax appointments provide opportunities to start conversations and make referrals to help economically challenged families with budgeting, saving, paying down debt and establishing long term financial goals.

Community Investments

Financial Literacy and Stability Focus Area

United Way invests in programs that make sure people have the skills and resources they need to secure and maintain assets. In the past 20 years, the cost of living in the U.S. has increased by nearly 90 percent. Average incomes have risen just 25 percent, resulting in more families living paycheck to paycheck, one setback away from a financial crisis. United Way makes a difference by funding financial stability programs that help individuals and families get off a financial tightrope and on the path to financial stability.

Workforce Development Focus Area

United Way invests in programs that help people secure and maintain employment resulting in financial independence. Almost 25 percent of adults in the U.S. earn less than $27,000 annually in jobs that offer no healthcare, vacation or paid sick leave. United Way makes a difference by investing in workforce development programs that help people gain employment with sufficient income to provide for themselves and their families today and for the rest of their career.

Your contribution today will help more families achieve financial stability.

"The goal is to help people break the cycle of poverty and contribute to their families, their employers and to the community..." Watch how United Way is helping more people get off a financial tightrope and onto the path of financial stability.