From The Community, For The Community

Skipping Stones

by D. Colin, Capital Region Poet, Artist and Activist

When we recover,  
we start as a stone,  
unfinished and flat. 
Sometimes we are thrown for a loop, overwhelmed by the long list of work left to do to make us better  
to sustain progress towards progress 
but we press on, 
sharp enough to cut water. 
We collaborate and hope. 
We innovate and cope. 
We build solutions in a vast void. Strengthened by our community, 
our collective consciousness, 
we tap into the heart of change and healing  so when the world crumbles, together  
we find that scars are only evidence  
we have survived. 
Galvanized by our times into action, 
we are a rock that has learned  
how to bounce off water 
become light enough to fly. 
We are an infinite circle expanding 
like the ripple we will leave behind  
and together, we press on 

This year once again has shown the resiliency of our great Capital Region communities.

Over the past year, we have all endured some level of crisis as we contended with the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic. Yet, we remain inspired by the way our community has rallied to support one another throughout these challenges.  That’s the power of our local United Way – 20,000 people coming together through donations, volunteerism, and advocacy – FROM THE COMMUNITY, FOR THE COMMUNITY.

Last year, your contributions:

  • Supported 32,000 children and families through our network of Family Neighborhood Resource Centers (FNRCs);
  • Served 429,054 meals through the Summer Meals Collaborative across seven counties – an 82% increase over 2019 totals;
  • Convened over 7,000 participants in the 21 Day Equity Challenge; 
  • Provided referrals for basic needs and COVID-19 related concerns through the 211 call line, which saw call volumes double during the pandemic;
  • Helped us reimagine a more equitable funding process to get more resources to frontline organizations making a major impact in our neighborhoods.

From The Community, For The Community 

United Way gives every individual in our community the power to make a difference, making philanthropy accessible to everybody. When we harness the community for good, we can work to unlock everyone's potential, no matter what.

Campaign Cabinet

Lee McElroy, CHAIR
Associate VP & Director of Athletics, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute 

Beth Beshaw, VICE CHAIR
Market President, M&T Bank

Ashley Brown
Director of Marketing, Metabolic Fitness

Rabbi Matt Cutler
Senior Rabbi, Congregation Gates of Heaven

Mark Emanatian
Executive Director, Capital District Area Labor Federation

Justin Gregaydis
Inventory Manager, CDTA

Codie Montanye
Assistant Vice President of Human Resources, Pearl Companies

Angelique Powell
Community Manager, The Blake Annex

Brian Sano
Director of USNY Eastern Division Gas Operations, National Grid

We don't do our work alone and we can not do it without you

Please join us - From the Community, For the Community - because when we #LIVEUNITED, we can reimagine and rebuild a more resilient future for the Capital Region.