Financial Accountability

Our success is determined by how well we achieve our mission — to make measurable improvements in people's lives and in the communities we serve. Setting high standards for ourselves and for our funded partners is critical to that success. We take our role as a community leader and philanthropic organization very seriously. Our promise is to serve as an effective and efficient steward of our donors' trust and their contributions.

  • Governance — United Way of the Greater Capital Regon is governed by an active, responsible, and voluntary Board of Directors to ensure effective governance over the policies and financial resources of the organization. This Board is responsible for United Way delivering on its mission to advance the common good.

  • Ethics — United Way follows locally adopted codes of ethics for volunteers and staff that include provisions for ethical management, publicity, fundraising practices and full and fair disclosure.

  • Diversity — United Way has adopted policies/statements to ensure volunteers and staff broadly reflect the diversity of the community we serve.

  • Financial Accountability — United Way undergoes annual financial audits conducted by independent certified public accountants whose examination complies with generally accepted auditing standards.

  • Performance Excellence — every three years, United Way conducts a self-assessment of its governance, financial management and impact in the community for submission to and review by its national association, United Way Wordwide.

  • Public Reporting and Disclosure — United Way files an IRS Form 990 annually in a timely manner and provides the document  on its website, at our offices, or upon request.

United Way of the Greater Capital Region has met or exceeded the Better Business Bureau’s 20 Standards for Charitable Accountability and is a BBB Accredited Charity. You can review United Way of the Greater Capital Region’s Charity Review here.

Financial Statements & Annual Reports



  • IRS Form 990, United Way of the Greater Capital Region
  • Consolidated Financial Statements, United Way of the Greater Capital Region


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