“As her kids grew, her problems seemed to grow bigger as well, working so hard to make all the ends meet and never being able to pull it all together.”
-Megan Quillinan, Executive Director of MACSC

When she first contacted the Mechanicville Area Community Services Center (MACSC), Autumn was transitioning from a full-time wife and mom to a single mom of two daughters .The MACSC is one of United Way’s Family and Neighborhood Resource Centers.  A Family and Neighborhood Resource Center is a one-stop location where families have access to a network of services including pre-natal parent education, early learning tools, budgeting assistance, prevention programs, food pantry and much more.

Autumn’s struggles ranged from child care to food to school supplies for her daughters.

With support from MACSC and United Way, Autumn is employed and able to support her daughters.


United Way Platform:  Basic Needs

Focus Area:  Family Neighborhood Resource Center

Funded Agency:  Mechanicville Area Community Services Center


“I am so proud that I am now in a position to help other parents in the community.  I always want to be able to give that to somebody else, that feeling of ‘I’m in your corner.  I’m here for you’.”




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