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Investing in EDUCATION so children have the foundation for success

A quality education that leads to a job that pays well is one of the building blocks for a good life. Yet many children in the Capital Region come from homes and neighborhoods where they face serious obstacles. United Way is helping them beat the odds. We cannot afford to leave a generation of young people disconnected from opportunity. The choice is ours to help children and parents break harmful cycles so they can achieve a good education and contribute to their careers, families and communities.

Strategic Initiatives

United Way leads strategic initiatives that bring partners together to tackle some of the most stubborn and complex social issues affecting individuals and communities in the Greater Capital Region. These are issues that have multiple causes and defy quick-fix solutions. United Way looks at the big picture and whole person. With our donors, volunteers and likeminded organizations, United Way coordinates efforts around clear goals. The result is lasting change that improves lives and community conditions today and for generations. Our initiative in the area of EDUCATION is:

Bright Starts for Brilliant Futures

Bright Starts for Brilliant Futures is a United Way initiative that aims to ensure every child in the Capital Region is reading proficiently by the end of third grade. Studies show that before grade three, children are learning to read. After this, children are reading to learn. That means reading proficiency after third grade is essential to students' mastery of academic subjects for the rest of their education. United Way's Bright Starts initiative brings partners together to pool resources and coordinate strategies that support children from birth, to early care and kindergarten entry, through the primary grades. Learn more about Bright Starts for Brilliant Futures.

Community Investments

Early Care & Education Focus Area

United Way invests in programs that make sure children are socially, emotionally and intellectually prepared to enter kindergarten. National estimates show that more than half of children start school without the academic and social skills they need to succeed. United Way makes a difference by funding early care and education programs that prepare Capital Region children start school on track to succeed.

Youth Development Focus Area

United Way invests in programs that make sure youth reach their potential in school and in life. Youth are equipped to reach their potential when they have supports to make meaningful connections to family, school and community. United Way makes a difference by supporting youth development programs that provide safe, supportive environments outside of school and that connect young people with role models who inspire them to reach their potential. 

Your contribution today will help more Capital Region children gain the foundation for success.

"If we can set a child on the right path from the very beginning, we can make a difference for generations..." See how a United Way-funded program at Parson's Child and Family Center in Schenectady is helping children and parents succeed. "Children are the future of our community and we must do all we can to inspire them..." See how a United Way-funded program at the Boys and Girls Clubs of Albany is helping youth make smart choices and reach their potential.